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Are you a Wholesaler or Retailer and interested in working with Cool-Brewing? Please contact us at customersupport@cool-brewing.com for more information.

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“Tried out the cooler for the first time yesterday, and wasn’t disappointed. Using 3 frozen 2 liter bottles, I brought the temperature down to 58F from 69F in 12 hours. Good thing I’m using Notty yeast, because i didn’t expect that much of a temp drop in that short of time. Super simple, super effective, and super easy. Highly recommended! ”

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Typically all domestic orders are shipping within 48 business hours! Please contact us at customersupport@cool-brewing.com if you have any special shipping requests. (For domestic orders only) We are now shipping internationally! Just select the international option upon checkout!

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This graph highlights a lager fermented at 53 degrees F in a 68 degree F room. For this test, 3 frozen 2-liter bottles were cycled every 24-36 hours.

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Finally an inexpensive and easy solution to keeping your homebrewed beer fermentation temperatures in control! Fermenting your homebrew at the right temperature is one of the critical factors in making good beer. Let the temperature get too warm, and your beer will suffer! The typical desired ale fermentation ranges are 59-72 degrees F. Add in

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Back In Stock With Improvements! We are back and stock and shipping after momentarily being sold out! Our newly improved coolers have the following updates: 1. Thicker Insulation. This not only helps maintain cooler temperatures better, but also makes the cooler more rigid to stand up better on its own. 2. A thicker internal liner.

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