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Fermentation Cooler

Cool-Brewing Fermentation Cooler

Save time and effort keeping your home brew beer temperatures in check during fermentation or lagering!

Cool-Brewing Fermentation Cooler

Fermenting your homebrew at the right temperature is one of the critical factors in making good beer. Let the temperature get out of whack, and you beer will suffer!  Forget about dealing with that ugly messy homemade swamp cooler anymore.  Cool Brewing Fermentation Cooler is designed specifically to accommodate standard 6.5 and 5 gallon fermenters and carboys.  Neatly and easily keep your fermentation temperatures in check.  Just add ice packs, ice, water or anything cold and switch out as needed to reach the desired temperature.    Save time and effort in that The Cool Brewing Fermentation Cooler is sealed, insulated and 100% waterproof so it will efficiently and neatly keep your temperatures in check.  When you’re done the Cool Brewing Fermentation Cooler easily folds up for storage until the next brew day!