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Marty V. Homebrewer – Chicago, IL

My Cool Brewing is working great! I have a Brewers Best American Pale Ale in it now. I am using 2 frozen 2-liter bottles and it’s keeping my wort pretty consistent at around 62-64 degrees with an outside temp around 78 degrees. I am only needing to change out the frozen bottles about every 1-2 days.

Another positive is my GF is no longer complaning about taking over the bathtub in our condo with a swamp cooler! I just have this in the closet. Also I like how it folds down when I’m not using. Overall I am very happy with it!

Paul C. Homebrewer  Louisiana

I’m really very impressed as I had just started using a swamp cooler to brew during the summer. I usually stop brewing or make small batches but that’s not cost effective. Once I get my wort down to pitching temps, I’m good. And, I can leave for the weekend and not worry about the temps rising too much over 2 days.  Simple idea but well constructed and it just works. Doesn’t look bad either. I am very happy with this great and simple idea

I’m extremely pleased. I want another one but am tight on money now but maybe I’ll win one in the giveaway. It’s hot here 7 months of the year.

Zmurda  Homebrewtalk Member Houston, Texas

I’m using 1 liter bottles. I start with 3 just to get the temp down fast then I switch to 2. I usually swamp them every 12 hours. The cooler works great and it doesn’t take up that much more space. I recommend it. Also I don’t own a home or have a lot of tools to build a chamber so this is the perfect option.

Just an update. I brewed a Belgian wit yesterday and decided to put it in my carboy that has a thermo strip on it. the ground water is at 79 degrees as I live in Houston. Placed the carboy in the cool brewing and it got the temp down to 72 in 8 hrs. Checked it this morning and it was down to 64 less then 24 hrs after pitching. Very happy with this item and its affordability. Great job guys.

H-ost  Homebrewtalk Member WI

I just received mine! This thing is big, durable, and well built. I can’t find a loose thread or any poor stitching. I can’t wait to throw some beer in this and finally have some temp control.

Thanks Cool-Brewing!

Steve –Homebrewer 

I live on a boat, today it is going to get up to 101 and I am probably going to suffer with the interior temps in the 90’s inside. Until I bought you cool brew I did not know how I was going to be able to brew. I now do not have a problem at all brewing. Thank you for a wonderful product that was much needed, it is amazing how well it works.

Homebrewer Fairfield, VA

Finally got around to trying mine. Works GREAT!!

Kolsch is actively fermenting in the basement at 55F with two 1gal jugs of ice.

Homebrwer Alberta, Canada

Tried out the cooler forthe first time yesterday, and wasn’t disappointed. Using 3 frozen 2 literbottles, I brought the temperature down to 58F from 69F in 12 hours. Good thingI’m using Notty yeast, because i didn’t expect that much of a temp drop in thatshort of time.

Super simple, super effective, and super easy.Highly recommended!

Homebrewtalk.com Member Boston, MA

I am having tremendoussuccess keeping my lager at a steady 50/52 (I use adhesive temp strips, soprobably 51. Ambient temperature ~70) I froze five 3 liter Poland Springbottles, put four in, and each morning and afternoon I replace a watery onewith a frozen one. It is fermenting away, and I couldn’t be happier. Thisproduct should definitely advertise the fact it can be used to cool down tolager temps, as that would be a big selling point for folks.

Philadelphia, PA Homebrewer

This thing is awesome.After a failed SOF build, I was going to give a swamp cooler a try but didn’treally feel like dealing with the mess. This product seemed like a greatalternative.

Temperature is holding great and I am really happywith my purchase.

Pros: Cheaper than SOF, low tech cooling solution,cleaner than swamp cooler
Cons: None come to mind, loving it so far

Homebrewer Norwalk, CA

I love this thing!

Homebrewer Shakopee, MN

Used my cooler on mycurrent batch. I’ve just been using a few of those cold packs and am easilykeeping temps down where I want them.

On top of that, I ordered another one today, and Ihad a tracking number from UPS in about two hours. Great product and great service.

Homebrewtalk.com Member Laguna Niguel, CA

Im in SoCal, with a very warm garage. This hold 65-70 degrees all day with a liter of ice. Very nice drop.

Homebrewer Houston, TX

I really like the coolbrewing bag overall. I have used it twice. The first time I filled the bag withwater half way up my carboy. The second time I went with no water inside thebag, just air. It worked well in both cases.

I live in the deep southand my house is at 80F (which sucks for me and the beer). I am easily able tokeep the fermenter in the mid to low 60’s with the cool brewing bag with boththe water bath and just air methods.

Another great thing is thebag collapses and is easily stored when not in use.

I also like that the bag blocks out light. My kidsleave the light on in the room where I ferment constantly. No more worryingabout skunky beer.

Finally when I ordered the bag it shipped veryquickly and I got an email with a tracking number without having to ask.

Homebrewer Orlando, FL

Over a week in and I’m soglad that I switched to using this product. Temps have been extremelyconsistent in the low to mid 60s when the outside ambient temp was 78-79F.Great product, and not having to have to monitor a swamp cooler is very nice.

Flordia Homebrewer

I’m already very satisfiedwith this product. Getting consistent temps without all of the fluctuationsthat I used to have should result in better tasting beer. And in the end, it’sall about better tasting beer!