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Cool Brewing is thrilled to be expanding our product line!  Our original cooler helps you to ferment at the right
temperature. Now that all of your hard work is through, it’s time to share that kick ass home brew!
Skip the bottles and the mess, CoolBrewing KEG coolers are the best!

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CoolBrewCorny 5G and the CoolBrewMini 2.5G coolers are the first and only coolers made exclusively
for easy storing, transport and serving of your 5 gallon, Sixth barrel, and 2.5 gallon kegs. We
have designed these coolers to improve your brewing and serving experience by making it that much
easier to transport and serve kegs at an ideal temperature.

Why should you use the Cool Brew Keg Coolers?

  • These are the ONLY coolers made exclusively for a 5G Corny, Sixth Barrel and a 2.5G Kegs.
  • Keep the quality of your beer while transporting and serving.
  • Kegging saves hours of time, space and mess over bottling.
  • Kegs used to be more difficult to transport and share; now just hook up a picnic tap and take your
    keg anywhere!
  • CoolBrew Keg Coolers are specifically designed to work with ball lock, pin lock and Sanke
  • A party will never be boring when you bring your CoolBrewCorny!
Specs for the CoolBrewCorny 5G/Sixth Barrel and for the CoolBrewMini 2.5G
Sized for CoolBrewCorny 5G and Sixth Barrel Kegs as follows: 12”*26.5” (D*H) Inches. Extra room for ice or ice pack.

Sized for CoolBrewMini 2.5.G Kegs as follows: 12”*18” (D*H) Inches. Extra room for ice or ice pack.

Includes removable patent pending puncture proof bottom for extra durability.

Durable flexible polyester exterior.

Shoulder strap for easy transport. CoolBrewMini has extra straps.

Zipper on top for easy access to tap and hoses.

Thick insulation with the ability to keep kegs cold for hours.

Coolers are 100% waterproof.

Our new Keg Coolers are now in stock and shipping!

Brew ­­­> Ferment­­­­> Keg­­­> Share­­­>Repeat.
All while staying Cool. This is CoolBrewing.