About Us

The Cool-Brewing Story

Six years ago I was pouring my first batch of homebrew down the drain in great disappointment.  My supposed Red Ale tasted like a mix of juicy fruit gum and bananas!  I knew my ingredients were fresh and the sanitation was flawless.  What was the issue?  The fermentation temperatures were way to warm in our Florida house.

My home brewing buddies explained to me how I needed to cool the fermenter in a plastic tote and water that they called a “swamp cooler”.  There has to be an easier and more effective way to do this, I thought. This is how the concept for the Cool-Brewing fermentation cooler came to be!

As a passionate home brewer I wanted to design a fermentation chamber created with high quality materials that was insulated, 100% waterproof, easy to use and affordable.  With much testing and hard work the Cool-Brewing fermentation cooler was created and is now helping homebrewers across the world make better beer!

Finally! An easy and inexpensive solution to controlling fermentation temperatures for home brewing beer!

Cool-Brew it!

David Vogel